How are Supermoxie’s pillows different?

There are thousands of breed-specific products out there, but frankly, we find them exceedingly boring. Who wants something mass-produced with cheap materials in an overseas sweatshop? We know you want something more personal – something specific to your particular pet with all of his/her individual quirks. Does your dog have a folded ear? Does your cat have a crooked tail? Is your parrot missing a toe? Your pet pillow will reflect this; it won’t be just a blasé breed pillow with generic features. Each pillow is unique and one-of-a-kind, just like your pet. It will be an artistic rendering of your pet, NOT a cheap Photoshop reproduction.

Are your pillows really made in America? What’s the process?

Yes! We are proud to say our pillows are both printed and assembled in the U.S.A. Here’s how it works:

  1. You place your order and upload pictures of your pet.
  2. You decide if you want full body or just the head.
  3. You decide what you would like written on the reverse, or if you want the “rear view” to be imaged like the front.
  4. Jena uses your pictures to draw a portrait of your pet with his/her unique features (remember, this IS NOT a Photoshop alteration of your photo – it is an artistic, individual and unique painting of your pet).
  5. Jena digitally sends her painting to our custom fabric printer in North Carolina who prints Jena’s design and sends the fabric to Krista in Seattle.
  6. Krista cuts/sews/appliques the pillow.
  7. Krista sends the finished pillow to you.

What kind of pictures do you need and how many?

For all pillows, we need a good frontal picture and any other pictures you have showing special physical characteristics of your pet (color stripes, bald spots, etc.), especially a good shot of the head. We’ve found that having the animal sitting seems to work the best for cats and dogs, so we’d prefer that position, but if that’s not possible we can make other positions work. If your animal sits in an odd position, please make sure the picture shows us that. If you choose a head pillow, obviously we need a close-up of the head for coloring and features. The better the quality of picture, the better Jena’s drawing will be. NOTE: If you choose to have the back of the animal imaged (see ordering), we will also need a very good “rear view”.

What if I want to use old-fashioned snapshots instead of downloading? What if my pet is deceased and the only pictures I have are snapshots?

We realize that not all pet-overs are avid digital camera users. If you don’t have digital pictures to upload, please contact Krista at ************** to arrange to send your snapshots to us (we want to make sure we are expecting them and are able to get them back to you in good condition). It might take a few days longer to complete the pillow since we have to build in time for the Postal Service to get the photos to us, but we would be happy to work with your older photos.

Can you do pets other than cats & dogs?

We can do any pet you wish since each is custom-drawn & colored by Jena. Whether it’s a tarantula, hedgehog , or a guppy, we can do it. We are also able to do a pair of pets as shown in our sample of sister cats.

How big are the pillows? What are the materials and care?

–        Most of our designs will be in the neighborhood of 30” tall with varying widths determined by the proportions of the animal.

–        You can machine wash the pillows on delicate and air dry – they should stand up to normal use although they are intended to be decorative.

–        They are made of 100% cotton canvas twill printed in the U.S.A. with leather collars and aluminum name tags. Stuffing is 100% polyester.

–        Spot with Oxyclean or other cleaners for stubborn stains.

–        Wrinkles can be easily steamed out with an iron.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time we are only shipping in the U.S.A., but as we grow we will add international shipping. Please check back or inquire about special shipping requirements.

Why are the pillows so expensive?

Each pillow is individually designed (drawn and painted), custom printed on high-end cotton, cut, collared, sewn, and shipped by Jena and Krista. They are unique pieces of craftsmanship and the price reflect the time and materials put into the creation of your unique pillow.